Online Event, May 11:
Digital Technology against Virus Pandemic

The past decade has allowed the development of a multitude of digital tools. Now they can be used to remediate the COVID-19 outbreak. Attend this full-day international online event.
Registration is free for all Digital Healthcare Applications event attendees and any healthcare professional.

The world is taking a standstill amid the Coronavirus threats. Everyone is affected.

Also, our event on May 11 on Digital Healthcare will be - naturally – not take place and is moved to September.

For May 11, in addition, we decided to ask our esteemed speakers and many other experts to present at an ONLINE event.

Naturally, the topic will be how digital technologies helps to manage and fight this threat in their countries.

If you want to join this event actively presenting please send us an email with Subject “Digital against virus” and your talk to:

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2 Minute Intro Videos

Background Information

Coronavirus effect on economy, life and society,, 19.03.2020

Bill Gates on predicting this virus pandemic in 2015 already,

Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus, Financial Times, 20.03.2020


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We will have two live panel discussions and many prerecorded video presentations.
These panel discussions and video presentations will be recorded and can be accessed via our community portal.

Live Panel Discussions (Switzerland time)

10 amPanel Discussion
Strategies and technologies used in the world and lessons learned

moderated by Ralf Haller, President, CEO, High-Tech Connect &
R. Haller IT Marketing
Dr. Lambert Montevecchi, Founder & Managing Director, Boost Consulting


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Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance,, 19.03.2020
COVID-19 Projections,

4 pmPanel Discussion
Digital technologies against the virus

moderated by Prof. Dr. Alfred Angerer, Head of Healthcare Management, ZHAW


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Digital Technology on COVID-19,

Video Presentations

>> All videos can be accessed through our Digital Healthcare Community

Introduction. Why this event?

Ralf Haller, President, CEO, High-Tech Connect &
R. Haller IT Marketing

Home office IT security threats

Dr. Lukas Ruf, Founder & CEO, Consecom

A live AI triage and data analytics system for surveillance and emergency medical resource prioritization in the reality of a pandemic

Dr. Lars Maaløe, CTO,

How we use digital technologies in our daily work at the hospital

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Anna Margareta Erat, Medical Director, Klinik Hirslanden, Zürich

Observations from the Northern Italian virus “war front”

How I survived by not going to a hospital
Dr. Lambert Montevecchi, Founder & Managing Director, Boost Consulting

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"Explosion an Lebensfreude",, 19.03.2020

Online Web Presentations –
how to connect thousands of attendees

Niema Nazemi, Head of Applications-Platforms & Cloud Collaboration, Cisco Systems

How Data and AI can help in COVID-19 crisis

Karan Sachdeva, Director, IBM Watson &AI Applications, Asia Pacific

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How Data and AI can help in COVID-19 crisis, Karan Sachdeva, 25.03.2020

Nextstrain, an open, online platform that detects how diseases are evolving in real time

Dr. Emma Hodcroft, Researcher, University of Basel

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Some good coronavirus news: genetic detectives are on the case,, 06.03.2020

Real-Time population health data empowering the pandemic response by a blockchain-based application

Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard, Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder, HIT Foundation & Centiva Health

Helping save lives through radically better clinical communication

Luiza Dobre, CEO & Founder, Komed Health

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4 Gründe, weshalb die Corona-Zahlen des BAG wenig mit der Realität zu tun haben,, 19.03.2020

Connecting AI to Impact in managing the tactical and strategic elements of the COVID-19

Amir Haramaty, Chief Commercial Officer, SparkBeyond

Professional Personal Robot Lio Learns to Assist Patients and Staff in Health Care Institutions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Michael Früh, CFO, F&P Robotics
Dr. Justinas Mišeikis, Robotics, AI and Software developer, F&P Robotics

The Portuguese National Strategic Telehealth Plan

Building a synergistic digital health system, which is stronger in fighting old and new challenges than the sum of its parts.
Dr. Micaela Monteiro, Chief Medical Officer for digital transformation, José de Mello Saúde

Telemedicine in the Covid-19 Era:
building the army in the midst of a battle

Dr. Jefferson Fernandes, CEO, SPECIS

How healthcare providers can use technologies to respond Pandemic times like COVID-19

Roger Fontana, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry Lead Switzerland, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Contact tracing software –
an Introduction, how it works, opportunities and possible challenges

Ralf Haller, President, CEO, High-Tech Connect &
R. Haller IT Marketing

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Contact-tracing mobile app could help track the spread of coronavirus,, 27.03.2020
Infectious disease experts provide evidence for a coronavirus mobile app for instant contact tracing,, 17.03.2020
Quantifying dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 transmission suggests that epidemic control and avoidance is feasible through instantaneous digital contact tracing, Luca Ferrett et al.

Remote medical examination solution to fight COVID-19

Eyal Baum, Director of Strategic Accounts, TytoCare

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Israel’s Tyto Care to prevent coronavirus exposure from patients at Sheba,, 19.02.2020

Contact tracing software vendor solutions

Maximilian Groth, Co-Founder, Decentriq

Autonomous vehicles for food delivery in Wuhan, China

Wanqiu Hu Frey, VP/European Market Representative, Neolix

Using cognitive agents to help clinicians in the COVID-19 crisis

Dr. Bryan Cobb, Program Partner Lead, Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions

How Healthcare Providers Can Use VDI to respond COVID-19


Securely connecting physicians and patients with digital platforms in times of crisis to ensure safe healthcare delivery

Dr. Ulrich Mühlner, CEO & Co-Founder,

How does the digital health industry support the management of the corona crisis?

Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Founder, research2guidance

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Global survey: impact of COVID-19 on global digital health industry

Hacking the Coronavirus – high-speed innovations in highly critical times

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, Deputy Director General, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Sheba Medical Center


Prof. Dr. Alfred Angerer

Head of Healthcare Management


Dr. Evangelos Avramakis

Head Digital Ecosystems R&D


Eyal Baum

Director of Strategic Accounts


Dr. Ram Bürgi

Founder & Managing Director

Health Bytes

Dr. Bryan Cobb

Program Partner Lead

Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions

Marjolaine Collet-Vételé

Head of partnerships


Luiza Dobre

CEO & Founder

Komed Health

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Anna Margareta Erat

Medical Director

Klinik Hirslanden, Zürich

Dr. Jefferson Fernandes



Wanqiu Hu Frey

VP/European Market Representative


Michael Früh


F&P Robotics

Roger Fontana

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry Lead Switzerland

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Maximilian Groth



Amir Haramaty

Chief Commercial Officer


Dr. Emma Hodcroft


University of Basel

André Kingham



Ralf-Gordon Jahns



Dr. Lars Maaløe


Dr. Justinas Mišeikis

Robotics, AI and Software developer

F&P Robotics

Dr. Micaela Monteiro

Chief Medical Officer for digital transformation

José de Mello Saúde

Dr. Lambert Montevecchi

Founder & Managing Director

Boost Consulting

Dr. Ulrich Mühlner

CEO & Co-Founder

Niema Nazemi

Head of Applications-Platforms & Cloud Collaboration

Cisco Systems

Dr. Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay

Head Infection Prevention Control

Sheba Medical Center

Dr. Lukas Ruf

Founder & CEO


Dr. Quy Vo-Reinhard

Chief Data Officer & Co-Founder

HIT Foundation & Centiva Health

Karan Sachdeva


IBM Watson &AI Applications, Asia Pacific

Dr. Claudio Saccavini

Transition Manager

IHE Europe

Elisabeth van der Steenhoven

Chair of TechAgainstCorona

Dr. Monika Sonu

CEO & Director New Product Development


Prof. Dr. Jing Wang


ETH Zürich

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman

Deputy Director General, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer

Sheba Medical Center

Ralf Haller

President, CEO

High-Tech Connect &
R. Haller IT Marketing

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